Short description Gypsum based powder is combined with binding inks and strengthened with an infiltrant after printing
Typical use Architectural models, figurines, realistic process models
Finishes Full CMYK colour with hardening agent makes for matte finish
Technology CJP, Powder bed and ink jet
Minimum wall thickness 2 mm (0.078 in.)
Minimum detail 0.01 mm (0.004 in.)
Clearance 0.25 mm (0.009 in.)
Multiple colour finishes? Yes
Interlocking or enclosed parts? Yes
Heat resistance Low

Full Color Sandstone offers multi-color printing, making it the best material for figurines, architecture, medical models and other applications that require many colors. Although it’s a great material for decorative models, it is not well suited for handling due to its low strength and brittle nature.

Common Applications:

Figurines, Architecture, Terrain, Scans, Art Sculptures, Avatars.

Handling and Care:

Sandstone is a brittle material that must be handled with care. Exposure to water will cause fading for the Natural finish. However, the Glossy finish will provide some resistance to water and moisture.

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