Simufact Additive Technology will Aid 3D Printing for Better Performance

Simufact Additive is a simulation environment process that aims at reducing printing time and wastages by optimizing 3D metal printing. Simufact is useful to all businesses whether it is welding, bulk metal formation, or additive manufacturing. The various processes of the software include heat treatment, printing, cutting the metal portion of the build, removing support structures, and ultimately applying heat and pressure mechanism.

The modelling of the design is done in CAD but with a (GUI) graphical user interface. The Simufact provides numerous parameters and settings that can be used for changing the settings of the 3D printing processes. This leads to significant reduction in distortion and residual stresses. The Simulation processes aids in the first time success of the additive manufacturing processes so that the manufacturing process using this technology is commenced smoothly and leads to the reduction in costs. Moreover, the software is easy to use and can be set up in a few minutes.

Renishaw is an advanced metal additive manufacturing unit in the UK, is collaborating with Simufact for availing the services of the team. Renishaw is most prominently known for their work with the French Moto2 team. They will combine their QuantAM build preparation software with the Simufact software to facilitate the exchange of data using the API system of QuantAM. The results of this simulation will be displayed in the QuantAM software and the presentation of the outcome will be held in Formnext 2016 in FrankFurt.

Additive manufacturing involves massive productions which involve huge raw materials and high costs. There is too much at stake to risk the collapse of the project. 3d printing involves huge hours of designing and 3D printing, and therefore a simulation program like Simufact helps in getting processes correct in the first go itself.


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