Standard Blank Sizes for CNC Machining

Milling Blanks

The standard blank refers to a material piece primarily laden to the CNC machining. These materials come in rods for turning or plates for milling purposes in varied sizes. However, both types have different standard sizes. Let us get acquainted with the standard blank dimensions of both the materials that are generally available.

Common Standard Blank Dimensions of Plates!

Plates are generally available in large sheets or as pre-cut to size. These sheets are cut into blank sizes, which limits the plate dimensions while considering the design.

The most common plate piece materials are steel and aluminum, which are easily available in every machine shop. Let us check out the thickness of these standard blank pieces in the form of mm and inches.

S. No.Thickness in InchesThickness in mm
13/16”3 mm
21/4”4 mm
35/16”5 mm
43/8”6 mm
57/16”8 mm
6½”10 mm
75/8”12 mm
8¾”15 mm
91”20 mm
10½” increase25 mm
11-30 mm
12-10 mm enhancement thereafter

Common Standard Blank Dimensions of Rods!

Rods are long stocks that are broken into blanks. The only restricting dimension in the case of rods is their diameter. Just like the plates, rods’ most common materials are steel and aluminum diameters that can easily be available in every machine shop.

Let us check out the diameters of these standard blank pieces in the form of mm and inches.

S. No.Diameter in inchesDiameter in mm
11/8”3 mm
23/16”4 mm
3¼”5 mm
45/16”6 mm
53/8”7 mm
67/16”8 mm
7½”9 mm
85/8”10 mm
9¾”12 mm
107/8”14 mm
111”15 mm
12¼” enhancement thereafter16 mm
13-20 mm
14-25 mm

Essential to Note!

Around 0.3mm to 1.5mm of material is generally eradicated from each side of the piece during machining. So, this needs to be considered while designing the standard blank sizes.

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Bottom Line!

Both CNC milling and turning processes require proficiency levels to deliver the appropriate size and accuracy to the materials. Being a preeminent destination in the CNC milling and turning process, THINK3D delivers excellence in the whole field. Based on the appropriate sizing and required materials, one can easily fulfil the customized sizes to cover the need.

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