Stratasys launches Wax printers for your Dentist

Stratasys is all set to expand the length and breadth of the business and their strategy towards achieving this is by branching out and creating new printers for niche markets. One of the niche markets that were targeted by Stratasys was the dental industry. Off late, Stratasys introduced two wax 3D printers which are capable of eliminating the need for the plaster casting. In short these printers allow the dentist or orthodontist to scan the mouth of the patient and then print out a 3D wax model of the mouth. They also can produce wax-ups for crowns, bridges and denture frameworks.

The Stratasys CrownWorx and FrameWorx 3D printers are claiming to be the highest precision wax 3D printers that are available.

Stratasys CrownWorx:

As the name suggests this printer is designed for creating crown, bridge and coping wax-ups. The printer uses wax deposition modeling (WDM) technology to jet micro-drops of TrueCast material that builds dental wax-ups, layer after layer. The TrueCast material is a firm yet flexible material that mimics real wax.

Stratasys FrameWorx:

The main purpose of this printer is to create a partial denture wax-up. Similar to the CrownWorx, it uses TrueCast material. The sole difference between the two is that FrameWorx uses a second material known as TrueSupport, this provides support during the 3D printing process of delicate wax-ups.

The costs of these printers are yet to be disclosed. However as per the announcements made by the company, the company aims to make them affordable for the small dental labs who are interested in updating their dental casting technology.


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