The Canal House, Amsterdam – World’s first 3D printed house

Apart from the scenic beauty Amsterdam will have a lot more to offer. It is going to be the home of the first 3D printed house which is popularly known as ‘The Canal House’. With the entry of 3D printing in the building industry there will be a complete revolution. The building industry is considered to be one of the most polluting industries in the world but now with 3D printing there will be zero waste, the transportation cost will be reduced comparatively and at the end of it all, it can be melted down and recycled.

Architects in Amsterdam are all set to begin the construction of what they are calling as the first full sized 3D printed house. The architects who have taken the burden of building this house is the Dus Architects. They are using a large scale version of desktop 3D printer to build a Dutch Canal House having 13 rooms made of interlocking plastic. The printer creates large bricks from layers of molten plastic which builders can stack like Legos. These stacks of bricks will ultimately become the framework of each room. The construction work has already started and the duration of the project is estimated to be 3 years.

At present, at the site the construction is of only 3m high and a sample of the Canal House has been printed. The blocks that have been created as sample needs to be back filled with light weight concrete, which means that it is not as biodegradable as described by the conceivers. Nevertheless, the popularity of the project is very evident by the number of visits that have been made on the site. More than 2,000 people including the President of the United of America, Barack Obama have come to visit the site.


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