SU And Amnesty To Bring Advancement In Human Rights Through 3D Printing

Singularity University (SU) and Amnesty International have collaborated to bring advancement in human rights with the use of 3D printing. As the first step of collaboration, the two parties will use 3D printing on virtual reality. This will be focused towards bringing public and corrective measures towards the advancement of human rights. The fundamental of the partnership is to combine other latest technologies to combat injustice. As of now, no specific 3D printing project has been disclosed which will be undertaken by them.

Sherif Elsayed,Deputy Director of Global Issues at Amnesty, believes that with the cutting-edge technologies can be used to develop new methodologies to bring awareness among masses about the underlining issues of human right ( Besides, the use of technology can also lead to bringing together people and finding practical solutions for human rights problems, according to Elsayed. It would be quite interesting to see how SU and Amnesty bring together the latest technologies in the advancement of human rights.

These days, 3D printers have become quite popular among the masses because they are convenient to use. Besides, 3D printers are also playing significant roles in improving the success rates of operations and for crafting amazing artifacts. There are many cutting-edge technologies that can be connected with the 3D printers and wonders can be done. The collaboration between SU and Amnesty will analyze as which technological combination can bring about amazing changes and lead to advancement in human rights. Amnesty is currently running social justice campaigns and is confident that virtual reality can be used to support its campaigns. It is believed that the cooperation between the two will make it easier to solve conflicting and unjust human rights activities.
Elsayed has strongly pressed that combine investigations with practical solutions and support from the public can help in solving the daunting problems arising from challenging human rights issues.


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