The Love Project: 3D Printing your emotions

The Love Project: 3D Printing Emotions

After the 3D printing of prosthetics, printing jewelry, printing of organs now there will be 3D printing of emotions. The project that is 3D printing emotions is known as the Love Project. The project was the brain child of the Brazilian designer Estudio Guto Requena in collaboration with D3.

The project was created in order to capture the emotions in a three dimensional figure that people undergo when they experience various emotions such as love, hate, jealously etc. The team aims to investigate the possibilities for human emotions to produce a complex geometrical representation through 3D printing.

The creator of this project Estudio Guto Requena says, “The Love Project is a study in design, science and technology that captures the emotions people feel in relating personal love stories and transforms them into everyday objects. The project suggests a future in which unique products will bear personal histories in ways that encourage long life cycles, thus inherently combining deeply meaningful works with sustainable design. Ultimately, this Love Project has many authors. It seeks to include the end user in the process of creation itself, as participants, thus democratizing and demystifying the use of interactive digital technologies…with love as the constant throughout.”

The material used for 3D printing emotions is ABS, Polyamide, glass, ceramics, or metal. As there is a wide array of materials that can be used for printing each product that is 3D printed in unique in its own way. In the near future the team of Requena and D3 plans to expand their project with a special focus on children who belong to low income families so that this technology sparkles an interest in them as well.

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