Armed with a 3D printer, your Pharmacist may not need inventory

Armed with a 3D printer, your Pharmacist may not need inventory

Replicas of bones, organs, body tissues 3D printing has been a surgeons best friends for quite some time now. These replicas help the surgeon to practice before performing a surgery on a live person. From replicas to 3D printing of prosthetic arms, legs, hands and facial features 3D printing has most certainly evolved with each passing day. With all the positive feedback and the positive results this growing trend will only continue.

This time the breakthrough in the healthcare industry has been brought about by an Indian company named J Group Robotics. The company was earlier in news for manufacturing the first Indian 3D printer – the Vector PLA 3D. This printer is similar to the other FDM printers that are available in the market today and the product has been quite a hit in the Indian market. The chairman and founder of J Group Robotic, Vishal R. Jariwala said, “Our printers are used by the Indian Navy, and we are also in discussion with the Indian Air force and BARC. The company is not satisfied with the title of being the first Indian 3D printer manufacturer so they have gone a step ahead by starting a project of creating a specialized filament and process for the printing of medical pill capsules.

If the concept on which this company is working comes true then a person would have to follow the following 5 steps in order to procure a medical pill.

  • Go to an online drug store
  • Decide what you need (with a prescription)
  • Buy both the blueprint and the ink
  • Print the drug with the special ink and the software
  • Take the drug

Undoubtedly this technology is set to go a long way. It would be interesting to monitor the progress of this concept in the coming months as more news related to this process will be released by the company to the press.

Image Credit: epSos .de (flickrhandle: epsos)

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