Create a gummy candy replica of yourself with 3D Printing

Tokyo Fabcafe Gummy 3D replica

An actual breakthrough is a one which does not fade with time. Almost 92 years have passed since the German candy maker Hans Riegel invented gummy bears, a chewy candy which rules over the hearts of billions due to its texture and consistency. A candy that has ruled over the hearts of millions for so many decades when mixed with modern day technology the output has to be stupendous and when the technology is 3D printing then there has to be something extraordinary.

A Japanese company based in Shibuya named FabCafe is using this technology to body scan several customers who want to gift gummy candies which are a look alike of them, to their loved ones. The company uploads these scans into the computer and 3D print these scans in a plastic mould which are highly personalized for each individual. After the jelly candy is poured in each mould the mixture is allowed to sit for some time. When the mould is removed each customer has a miniature ‘Gummy Human’ which resembles them. The candy thus produced is very detailed unlike the ones that are available in the market.

The price of “gummifying” oneself is $63. For those who are people who are trying to make some drastic improvement in the current scenario with the help of this technology might find this effort to be useless and futile but the main idea behind this is the propaganda that this would create among the people. This concept of “gummy human” is spreading like wild fire in Japan where people are more than happy to get their bodies scanned, rendered and reproduced into a 3D printed edible gummy.

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