Tilk, a German Company, Makes 3D Model Circuits of F1 Tracks

Tilke GmbH, a leading Formula 1 designer German architecture firm, has acquired 3D materials from 3D Systems to build F1 circuit models. The 3D printed models are designed to make the clients totally aware of a given design.

Sometime ago, proposed F1 plans were discussed on paper or using rough sketches as the races were held over smaller locations. Now the races are held in elaborate complexes with houses, restaurants, and other facilities for the racers. Moreover, the topography can be rugged, hilly or uncertain. Since these are difficult to reproduce on paper, 3D printing provides the perfect solution.

German 3D designer and manufacturer Tilk has offices all around the globe and it is equipped with a 3D Systems Spectrum Z510 3D printer to create advanced colored models of the circuit designs, at one of its two offices in Aachen, Germany. This printer is a small and quiet device and has made topography modeling very easy.

Franz Schleibach is responsible for the runningS of the Spectrum Z510 3D printer at Tilk, and works in cohesion with the company professionals to create 3D models of structural parts, electro-mechanical assemblies, and massive layouts of a proposed site. He said that they could present the entire model of the complex using the Spectrum Z510 printer.

Some large models are manually constructed by architects at Tilke, and the 3D printer is used to add the finer details. For some of these parts, CAD presentations are not required as images are available online. Then using the 3D printer, designers can create physical models of designs in just a few hours.

The Spectrum Z510 3D printer allows Tilke to create 3D printed parts in high-quality color, giving a clearer image of how a Formula 1 might finally look. The Spectrum Z510 has allowed more flexibility and better designing of 3D models of the F1 tracks.

Source: 3ders.org

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