RP Support Sold NEOS 800 to Paragon Rapid Technologies

Paragon Rapid Technologies is a 3D printing company based in the United Kingdom has swiftly started to accumulate a lot of customer interest. Earlier, this brand has never been in the news but due to their latest purchase of frame stereolithography machine from RP Support (Buckinghamshire-based 3D printing brand), this company has suddenly increased its array of servicing largely. This machine is expected to provide high-end prototyping services by Paragon Rapid Technologies.

NEOS 800 is considered as the largest 3D printed product production machine that has the tendency to create a model of 800 x 800 x 600 mm. This one has the tendency to create bigger 3d printed models. It has been claimed by Paragon that prior to having this machine; the bigger objects were created in parts and then assembled to create the large model. We hope that SLA 3d machine will surely solve the purpose for the company.

This printer is created with an open filament system and it allows the machine to work with the current commercial material. The material used is completely colorless and it is created with advanced chemistry platform known as DSM Somos Oxetane Advantage. This material is water resistance and has a stability of high dimension. The quality of the products created by this machine is of outstanding quality.

It is quite interesting that on 2 and 3 November, an advanced engineering show will take place in Birmingham. The products created by NEOS 800 will be displayed and customers can thus have a closer look on them. Another event known as TCT Show will also be conducted in the month of September. Let’s see how far both these companies will go with their amazing releases.

Source: 3dprint.com

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