15cm long 3D Printed Titanium Vertebrae Prosthetic Implanted By Chinese Doctors

In Changzheng Hospital of China, the doctors have successfully placed a 15 cm long 3D printed titanium vertebrae prosthetic in the patient. It has been reported that the patient was suffering from severe cervical chordoma. After getting troubled with this problem for 7 long years, the patient finally got cured with the help of 3D printing.

It has been reported that the patient, Ms. Zhou has undergone various surgeries over these 7 years but because the tumor was located on the upper back and neck kept coming back, all the surgeries were wasted. The tumor got increased and eventually it was creating a lot of problems. The good part was that despite all the problems Ms. Zhou never gave up and she was ready to take a chance with any kind of treatment that comes in her way.

The case was finally told to the doctors of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital. The case was then investigated by Professor Xiao Jianru and he found out a solution. It was indeed risky since the tumor has grown to her vertebral section 3-7 and her thoracic section 1. Also, because of the first unsuccessful surgery, one side of her vertebral arteries has already been blocked. The other side was swiftly being targeted by the tumor. So, these were all the challenges that came across the doctors.

A lot of time was spent while struggling to find a solution for this problem. At last, it was decided that it can be treated with 1:1 3D printed cervical tumor model. After understanding the first step, doctors were able to define the further process of treatment.

So eventually with the help of 3D technology, Ms. Xhou got the appropriate cure and it was definitely a big achievement for 3d printing. Now, we people can depend on this industry since it can help in solving critical medical issues with ease.

Source: 3ders.org

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