Government of South Africa Showing Acceptance towards 3D Industry

3D print technology has undeniably shown great success in less amount of time. Today are the times when all the countries are showing profuse interest in this technology and want to adopt it, given its various potentials. South Africa attracted all the eyes by adopting 3d printing bandwagon as they launch their Additive Manufacturing strategy. The launch is done by the Science and Technology department of the company and they have started a new manufacturing trend in their country.

The technology has adopted with an aim to compete with other countries that are relishing the advantages of 3D printing. This isn’t the first time that South Africa has shown interest in additive manufacturing. Since 2014, more than 358 million rand have been invested for the research of this technology. Now when this industry has come up on the surface, Africa has agreed to invest R30.7 million towards the 3d printing development, research, infrastructure, and innovation.

According to Garth Williams, 3d technology has received a vital acceptance in their country and has become a major part of the fourth industrial revolution. Other than being best suited for product development and prototyping, it is also great for augmented reality, collaborative robots, cyber security, etc.

The AM program is being commenced and it will be centered on 3d technology in the field of titanium medical implants and aerospace parts. According to the vision of this program, this industry will be indulged in other sectors as well.

There are various institutions that will take part in the AM program. One of such institutes is Vaal University of Technology. This university is focusing on tooling and casting sector. Another university called the Stellenbosch University will be focusing on manufacturing and rapid prototyping niche. This way, different universities are taking part with different agendas.


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