Heather Kegel A Creative Artist 3D Printed Ceramic Pottery

It has been a lot of times that 3D printed ceramic products are talked in the news. Hardly does that happen that you get a detailed knowledge on the subject. 3D printed pottery has been created by a creative artist Heather Kegel. She gave us a complete view on how she created the amazing looking pottery with the help of 3D printing technology.

Pottery has been the oldest form of art in the world. If talking about the traditional method on how it was done, it was usually done by hands or with the help of a moving wheel while the clay is shaped as per the customer wants. Later it is hardened and finished with color or paints. But now the pottery trends have also been revolutionized with the help of 3D printing. Now, pottery is done by innovative designers, engineers, and artists.

As informed by Heather Kegel, the 3d printed pottery is done with the help of Blender 3D modeling software and the pots are shaped. The pots are created with the material called porcelain. Once the designs are done, the instructions are sent to the ceramic 3d printer. In not more than 15 minutes, a small piece of the pots can be produced of the size 4 to 5 inch. Thus, in no time, you can expect mass production of the pots in very little time.

It is only the preparation of the porcelain clay that takes time to be created. Other than that, the process of making the pots is very easy and spontaneous. It is great that 3d industry is helping different verticals in the creative industry. Let’s see which miraculous innovation coming up next by 3d industry.

Source: 3ders.org

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