Julian Checkley devices Batman 3D cosplay suit and wins Guinness book of World Records

Julian Checkley is an Irish special effects expert who has designed a cosplay suit which has received a Guinness book of world records award in the 2017 Gamer edition. This suit is a 3D printed Batman outfit with 23 gaming gadgets. Checkley is associated with Order 66 in Galway, Ireland and has worked in many movies as a special effects expert. He builds cosplay suits and it’s the first time he has accessed 3D printing so extensively.

The Batman suit is completely based on the scene in the Batman:Arkham Origins video game. Kevin LeProp carried out the 3D printing, and the painting and assembling were done by Checkley in his Irish studio. Once the suit was completed, some of the suit parts were molded and cast in urethane and assigned on a custom bodysuit. The suit weathering is handmade and the final effects of the suit are totally stunning.

Checkley built 23 functioning gadgets that work as efficiently as the Caped Crusader himself. Among others, the list includes Smoke bombs, a GPS-based ‘bat tracker’, a bat respirator (for nuclear, bacterial and chemical protection), a grapnel gun, a UV lamp, and a projector that sends a bat signal into the night’s sky.

The gadgets are very high tech like the Fireball Shooter actually shoots flames while the video screen in his gauntlet also works. The other working devices are The Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device, Pneumatic Tranquillizer Gun, Batcam, Gas Dispenser, Laser Designator, and Concealed Laryngeal Microphone. The Checkley’s favorite gadget is the gas dispenser.

The 2000watt EMP Stun Gun was the most complex gadget and it took hours in devising them and then accommodating them in the suit. The maker is immensely proud of featuring in the Guinness book of records and getting a place in the Gamers edition.

Source: 3ders.org

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