Kloneworld Let People 3D Print Themselves as Superhero Ninjas

Kloneworld is a Singapore-based company that has made software using which the user can develop a digital klone image of himself. For this purpose, he has to upload a picture of himself into the application. The photo is made into a 3D image and then can be used to create comic characters and animations. Kids and adults can see themselves as Klinja a clone character that will shortly figure out in the popular Indian cartoon series ‘chhota bheem’.

Founders Ajay Sharma and Gurjit Sidhu, established the company in 2012. They previously collaborated with Green Gold Animation and the Cartoon Network to create personalized products based on the cartoon TV series. A young warrior named Klinja, was created so that children could project themselves into the Chhota Bheem program. The creators of Klinja said that now kids could project themselves as an animated character on screen, instead of just using the stickers and product of CHHOTA BHEEM.

With the advent of this superhero, kids can now engage in a gaming adventure which is fun and does not include elements of risk and violence. So now the child, instead of losing control and knowledge of his identity, will identify with the character and see themselves in cartoons, animations, and books or toys.

The character of Klinja is carefully designed to motivate children and design a positive character with which kids can relate to and identify as a role model. This character strives hard to reach his goals and his powers are not magical but achieved by means of hard work and determination.

The Kloneworld guys have recreated the magic of stories and books by means of animations and cartoons. Kids are super excited to see themselves on screen. It is time for the Klinga launch and to see how much this character acquires fame in India and Abroad.

Source: 3dprint.com

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