Flemish and Flame 3D Collaborated To Create 3D Printed Bike

Flemish and Flame 3d- the industries specializing in 3d printing technology has collaborated and created a model that looks like a bicycle. It is revealed that the bike is created with the mutual efforts and expertise of both the companies. There are also various Flemish companies and institutes that have taken part in creating the design including 3Dee, Hoet, Formando, Layered Prints, Materialize, 3D&I, Vamac, MT3D, RSPrint, Sirris, REIN4CED, T&M Solutions, Tenco DDM, Ghent University and the University of Leuven.

It has been assimilated that there are many major companies in Belgium that are accepting the additive manufacturing and have been highly dedicated towards its creations. Therefore, there are many companies that could have simply 3d printed the bicycle on their own. Yet they decided to make a collaborative operation and came together to create the design. Thus this makes this bike a joint work of true innovation in different verticals including fiber reinforced prints, printed electronics, ceramic printing and topology optimization.

In an interview with the Director of Flame 3d, he mentioned that creating a 3d printed bike is not a big deal for any good 3d printing company. But this bike has been created to show the spirit of the companies that they have in them to work collectively. Our brand and Flander is ready for the cooperation and that is why we came together and created the bike. Every participant has worked hard and contributed phenomenally.

This bike is just a model to expose the potential of 3d industry to the people who are completely unaware of it. This industry has become something to be introduced to the world so that its spectrum can be increased easily.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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