Student From Sculpteo Created Fully Operational 3D printed Drone

Creating a 3d printed drone is not very challenging. This has been proved by an intern from Sculpteo called Alexia Massol. He didn’t have any prior experience in 3d printing and yet he was able to create a drone as his first creation. People who fancy the fine art of 3d printing must read this story.

Alexis is an engineering student pursuing his internship from one of the biggest providers of 3d printing services in France- Sculpteo.
Alexis said that he was inspired by drones when he was in high school. He had a love for photography and wanted a drone for that purpose only. He also bought one of such machines but was highly disappointed by its performance. That was the reason that encouraged him to create his own drone that was controlled from his laptop.

He spent several months studying, researching and collecting material on how to build a drone. In the process, he learnt a lot about different materials that can be used and also taught himself on how to use SolidWorks. According to his initial tests of the drone, his expectations were doomed. But with every failed test, he got more encouraged to create a resourceful and fully working project.

With the help of different tools that he used in the process, he was finally able to create a flyable drone of great performance. Since 3d printing is flexible enough, it gave him Alexis the opportunity to choose the components of his choice. All the components were created individually and separately. And since the printer was used from the lab and material was easily arranged, the drone didn’t cost him much.

Thanks to the services of Sculpteo, he was able to test the project during his internship period and made the necessary additions in the drone. It is a perfectly operating, lightweight and finely polished drone which is equipped with a GoPro camera and a wide range of other features.


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