RML 3D Facemaker Helping Kids To Customize Personal Dolls

Dolls have not only been an article of amusement for the kids but they are also collected as souvenirs for the girls who grow up. For some people, they are also used for the décor purposes. Well, this is not the subject to be addressed today. Doll making has always been an art and many different materials are used during the creation process. Earlier, it was done with the help of materials such as plastic, wood, porcelain, etc. but now, a new era has come and you will be seeing 3d printed dolls very soon.

RML- A Chinese Doll Maker has now created a software with which, you will be able to customize your won doll. This software has many features that are making customization of dolls interesting than ever. In order to customize the facial features of the dolls, ball jointed dolls have been manufactured that allows easy movement and positioning of the features with the help of socket joints and articulated balls.

With RML 3D Facemaker program, features such as face shape, skin color, feature sizes and the accessories of the doll can be created by the client. Due to the anime style ball jointed dolls that are created in Japan, you also get the freedom to select the size of a doll from a minimum of 10 cm and the maximum of 1 meter.

Once you are satisfied with the face of the doll, you can simply click on “Creation Code” button and copy the code of the doll face. These files are then sent to the RML factory where your doll will be 3d printed and finished and sent to you.

Other than the doll face, the clothes, accessories, etc. stuff can also be purchased from RML’s online store. It is great news for the kids and we hope you will enjoy creating your own dolls.

Source: 3ders.org

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