Traditional Chinese Ink Painting gets a New Recognition with 3D Printing Technology

When art and technology come together, the result is an elegant piece of work that could open new doors of advancement in production and manufacturing areas.
Chen Zhi He, an art student of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, combined the traditional Chinese ink art with 3D printing and 3D design to create her final year project. The project called Ink Cloud is an ode to the Chinese art which dates back to the 5th century and involves painting with varied concentrations of ink, and reflects beautiful strokes and shades to represent the spirits of the natural world and not the real world.
The artwork looks like a cloud of Ink and is actually a lamp when illuminated. The3D design was created with the effect of ink being dropped in water and take interesting shapes. Ink and water, the two crucial components of Chinese ink wash painting, were thus incorporated into the design.
The lamp was printed on a photosensitive resin material on the RS Pro600, a 3D printer from Unitech. It can be printed to a maximum size of 700 mm in length by 390mm in the breath. It was originally printed on a transparent resin sheet and then coloured black. This gives the lamp a translucent effect, reflecting light in when illuminated.
Chen went on to say about her project that art is derived from real life but eventually traditional art fade and gets lost over time in the modern life. She said she had combined this art with 3D technology to bring it back to prominence. This fine piece of art is currently being showcased at the Beijing’s Central Academy and Fine Arts exhibition which will run until 26th June.


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