Turning Back of Time with 3DP says 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental

Turboroo Chihuahua, Quack Quack Duck 3D printed prosthetics for animals

Avi Reichental is a popular name in the world of 3D printing. He is considered as one of the pioneers in the 3D printing industry. In a recent video released by the TED, Avi Reichental talks about the contribution of industrial revolution to humanity and also speaks of new manufacturing revolution, 3D printing. He also stated the impact of 3D printing on our lives. He said, “it’s going to catapult us into the future, but rather how it’s going to connect us to our heritage — into a new era of localized, distributed manufacturing.”

He compares his life with that of his grandfather and their mutual interest in making things except for the way to go about it. He talks about the possibilities that exist with 3D printing from printing a candy to the printing of human organs. Here are a few 3D printing projects that have left him awestruck.

A Body Suit

A body suit, that enables users to stand up on their feet even though they are paralyzed. Amanda Boxtel was suffering from paralysis from waist down but with the help of exp- bonic legs, she can not only stand but also walk.

Customized Medical Devices

Reichental talks about customized medical devices like hearing aids, braces as well as dental restorations. In the video he holds up a sleek and gorgeous looking 3D printed brace for a leg amputee.


The 3D printing of food is the most awes trucking of all the inventions. He said, “What if we could begin to put ingredients, colors, flavors in every taste?”

According to him the most exciting feature of 3D printing is that complexity is free. Reichental says, “The printer doesn’t care whether it makes the most rudimentary or most complex shape.”

At the end he says that hopefully it will turn back time and make all us makers of the things that we need.

Source: http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/09/20/avi-reichentals-ted-talk-whats-next-3d-printing/

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