Ultimaker 2 going global

There are many 3D printing companies that are well established in and around this technology. Among these companies, there are a handful of companies that have in the due course of time became the hot- shots in this domain. Among these companies there are few names that have conquered the homeland and are all set to go global!

We wrote about a company, 3D Hubs few days back. This company raised $4.5 million to expand the global 3D printer’s network. Now we bring to you another company that is planning to fan out throughout the world. Ultimaker is a popular name in the 3DP world; founded in Netherlands in 2011 Ultimaker has quickly and steadily captured the entire 3DP market in Europe. The company specializes in consumer level FDM 3D printers.

For the past few days the word was in the air that something interesting was going to happen in the world of 3DP and this hype was created by Ultimaker. The company came up with some very interesting teasers and the sole hint to the entire things was a slogan written on the top of the site which read “Going Global”. From the other hints it was quite evident that the company is planning to start off with a new office in the United States of America.

Earlier the products of Ultimaker were not conveniently acquired by Americas and even through some people did acquire it from third party suppliers or from the website and had to pay high tax duties on the product. If the purchase was made online some of the credit card companies charged the consumers currency conversion money and at the end of all this it became a very expensive affair.

Now the news is public that all the products of Ultimaker are now available for the customers in North America. Ultimaker has partnered with fbrc8, who have the license as well as the capability to assemble the printer in US. This way customers do not have to pay heavy amounts to purchase an Ultimaker product.

Hopefully very soon there would be a teaser from Ultimaker bearing the Indian flag as Ultimaker is in high demand in India as well.!

Click here to see Ultimaker 2 printer specifications.

Article Source: http://bit.ly/1tZwuYo

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