Spexy Me 3D Printed Eyewear: The Perfect Pair of Glasses

3D Printed Glasses

Perfect is a word that is quite rare. Nothing in the world is perfect, not even the supreme creation of God – Man. Most of us are not blessed with the perfect pair of eyes or the perfect shape of head. There are many people who spend hours and hours to find the perfect fitting shoes or the perfect fitting glasses. Imagine if there is a way to make a frame that is exclusively designed for you!( Read more on 5 applications of 3D printing )

An Australian based company named Spexy Me, has recently launched a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in which they boasted of giving a whole new dimension spectacles industry.

The working of this is quite simple. User should go to the website of the company. With the help of the camera on the laptop, mobile or PC, click a picture and upload it on the website. The system instantly measures the face of the user after which the system uses a special augmented reality application in order to place the glass on the face of the user. This would enable the customer to see how the frame would look on them once it’s printed. The site is still under construction but customers can choose their frames and upload their pictures. The printing process takes approximately 8 hours to print. Once the printing is done the company promises to ship it to the customer within a couple of days. The prices of these frames is yet to be finalized.

Image: Michiel Cornelissen (Flickr)

Article: http://bit.ly/1ud4O3z

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