Ultimate gaming experience with 3D printing

Gaming blended with 3D printing technology could bring back the nostalgic experiences. Remember the days when we were all  playing video games at our leisure, with those joysticks and old consoles on the floors? The days when Super Mario and Pokémon were so connected to our hearts and lives? As a tribute to those nascent gaming days, hackers started reintegrating the old controllers and game consoles for modern needs. One such reintegration is that of Raspberry pi zero into Nintendo controller to bring back memories of gaming in school days. All we need is 3D Printing to make it a reality.

Talking about Raspberry pi zero, this miniaturist computer is super affordable with amazing features and fully programmable hardware which is useful for many applications. Imagine if Raspberry Pi Zero is installed with an old Nintendo controller ! it definitely brings better video quality at cheaper price.

The 3D printing portion of this integration is to redesign and print a new back for the controller as the old back becomes too small to contain the new Raspberry Pi Zero inside. The design is quite simple using no rafts or supports. Hot glue the Pi Zero into the case, connect Nintendo controller wiring, set up your software, and play games!


The whole idea is to reuse that old Nintendo controller using 3D printing to bring back our lost memories. Have you tried repairing some old appliances using 3D printing at home? Let us know your thoughts on this.

Source: 3dprint.com



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