Versa3D Launched for Digital Fabrication and Innovative Applications

CreateAll is launching a Kickstarter campaign for Versa3D. It is their printing, milling, and cutting machine. Versa3D can easily switch from 3D printing to laser cutting by changing its tool head. This transition takes just a few minutes.

The 3D printing machine has a huge print volume of 11.8 x 11.8 x 8.7 in. It has a high speed of 300mm/s. For achieving high torque and speed, Versa3D using a pinion drive system and a rack. The frame uses the v-wheel system for an easy gliding movement. All these features add up to the speed and quality output of the 3D printing machine.
The various techniques incorporated by Versa3D are wireless printing, automated bed leveling, edge finding, a drag and drop onboard slicing, and quick changing tool heads.

The specifications of the Versa 3D printer are –
Dual extruders- Two E3D all-metal extruders are incorporated into the design. The 3D print soluble material prints in two colors. With these techniques, it is convenient to use filaments for various applications.

The other components of the Versa3D are powerful spindle, laser, wireless control, onboard slicing, automated setup, build plate, rigidity, and speed, precision.

The Versa 3D is shipped after proper assembly and testing.
Due to the Kickstarter campaign, the machine is now available with one of its attachments at 2,999. Since it is three machines incorporated into one, the pricing is a little high. IT is been shipped only within the U.S, as of now.

CreateAll came into existence about 3 years ago, for creating the Versa3D. It was a group of passionate individuals from design, engineering, and mechanics that came together to build prototypes to the Versa 3D before the actual machine was created. It was created with the vision of digital fabrication and this team is excited to see what innovators can do with this 3D printing device.


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