Xplorer3D Enables 5-year boy to Receive a Prosthetic Hand

Xplorer3D is the first 3D printer manufacturer in Pakistan. It’s self-named printer which is spreading awareness about 3D printing in the country.

Recently Xplorer3D, in association with its retailer Viscous.co and prosthetic provider Bioinks, provided a prosthetic hand to a young boy. This 5-year boy was the first child to receive the 3D printed hand. Mir Bayyaan Baloch, a 5-year old boy was recently implanted with this prosthetic hand, and now he can easily perform all his functions like all other children of his age.

Bayyaan’s father started searched online for the prosthetic parts when he came across Team UnLimbited, run by Drew Murray and Stephan Davies of Britain. They are designers of UnLimbited Arm which is a prosthetic arm for people with a functional elbow but no wrist or hand.

This was the perfect solution for Mir, who had a semi forearm but no wrist. The child’s father decided to take the help of Bioinks, where this boy’s need was taken as a special case. With the help of Xplorer3D at NED Institute of Technology, the researchers carefully 3D printed a brightly colored 3D printed hand. This hand enables Mir to lift and hold objects, shake hands with people and perform simple chores.

Mir’s father had read the story about Isabella, who had received a prosthetic hand from Unlimbited. He could again be an inspiration or a source of knowledge to another parent who might be on a lookout for a prosthetic part for his child. e-NABLE could yet be another source of joy to a parent and child in some part of the world. The role of social media has been of great significance is spreading awareness and knowledge about prosthetics and their availability.

Bayaan’s case got the first prosthetic to Pakistan, and who knows where else it could the first for another country soon.

Source: 3dprint.com

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