Videography made easy with 3D printed GoLapse time lapse trolley

NYU student Joe Fabiani who started with making time lapse videos since five years, his favorite pass time, combined his creativity with his knowledge on 3D printing and came up with a solution that eliminates the use of heavy rails to move video camera from one place to another. The best part of the GoLapse timelapse trolley is its simple design and its affordability.

“GoLapse is a project designed to allow people to make moving time lapses easily and affordably,” Fabiani described. “It is a time lapse system that allows the camera to act as a trolley, so it lets photographers do away with heavy, cumbersome rails and lets them focus on getting a good shot at a fraction of the price.”

Time lapse videography requires expensive heavy equipment comprising complicated rail systems. The GoLapse Trolley is the result of Fibiani’s idea to create a reliable, easy to use, economical carrier that helps in moving the camera from one point to the other point. A handy slider at the bottom of the equipment allows attachments of a variety of cameras – from smartphones to professional DSLRs with bigger lenses. All GoLapse models are SLS 3D printed. The GoLapse is powered by six AA batteries and the GoLapse Mobile is powered by 2 AA batteries. The maximum size of the mobile that fits into GoLapse is the size of an iphone 6+.

“GoLapse is the only time lapse system that allows the camera to act as a trolley, so it lets you say goodbye to lugging heavy rails where you go so that you can focus on getting a good shot at a fraction of the price,” wrote Fabiani. “Who wants to waste time setting up a complicated rig when with GoLapse you can just string a cord between two trees and start shooting?”

Fabiani is looking at the kickstarter campaign, which runs till January 7th, to raise funds for the commercial production of the GoLapse Trolley. Fabian is providing his supporters 3D printable files so that they can 3D print on their own.

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  1. jason November 3, 2017 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    I did buy this product to help film my Web series “My Pet Adventures” but when i received the Golapse it didn’t work at all. So I contacted the manufacturer to inform them and no reply.
    My advise is, if you want to throw away money go ahead and buy Golapse

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