WASP introduces a self-sufficient 3D printing maker kit

WASP is a world leader in making 3D printed products. They recently created an entire 3D printed village and they strive to make better 3D products day-by-day.

WASP operates on an open source model and has introduced the Maker Economy Starter Kit. This kit is a self-sufficient 3D printing kit. It contains all resources needed to build and maintain a 3D printed house from raw materials that are easily available. Makers can create their Shamballa versions, the 3D printed village that is being developed using this technology.

The contents of the kit are-

• WASP’s house printer namely BigDelta 3D printer. It also contains tools like grinders rototillers and other equipment needed to create products using rock, soil, straw and other natural resources at the building site.
• DeltaWASP 3MT, the printer that is used to build furniture, and other tools for milling and extrusion.
• DeltaWASP 40 70 and DeltaWASP 20 40, for manufacturing petty materials.
• Clay press kit that can be converted to a clay printer or a kiln.
• TopWASP DLP, the dental and jewelry printer
• Tool-kits and basic equipment like compressor, power generator, welder, grinder mini lathe and others.
• SD card and all details to implement the kit

All information needed to set up and use the kit is available online. The open source technology provides free video tutorials and forums where there is an open exchange of ideas.

WASP will be launching this project at the Maker Faire Rome from October 14 to 16. Workshops and demonstrations of all of WASP’s technology will be held of how to bring the Maker Economy concept to life. Shamballa project will be discussed at length at the center stage, as well as a reading of Viaggio a Shamballa (Journey to Shamballa). This would spark discussions and exchange of ideas among other makers. With help from FabLab Venice, a mammoth laboratory will be set up in which the construction of a 3D printed village will take place.

Source: 3dprint.com

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