Trinus 3D printer is again in limelight. 3D printers have been substantially used for huge crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Likewise, Kodama with its Trinus 3D printer has proved the world that it is easy to raise a huge sum of money with successful campaigning. They have risen about $1.4 million USD in its campaign. The shop stopper was the metal Trinus 3d printer. It is the first ever metal 3D printer that is available below the price of $500. With such a warm welcome in the industry, Trinus 3D printer is all set to be launched in the market.

The name of the company is after a Japanese engineer Hideo Kodama, who developed world’s first working 3d printed prototype in the year 1981. To add a cherry on the top, Trinus has been launched as their first ever remarkable creation.

Trinus has great appeal since the printer is made with perfection. It doesn’t come across problems such as component errors, flimsy frames or nozzle clogging. It has been constructed with top-notch quality aluminum and steel parts. Other than the metal frame, this machine also has metal internal components. It does not have plastic gears or loose belts.

Therefore, this product offers more benefits to the buyers than expected. It has been said by the team Kodama that they will be selling the Trinus professional grade 3D printers at a special price. It is being done in order to make the technology available to the buyers at an affordable price. In order to make the machine more perfect, the company has made it compatible with laser engraver tool head.

After listening about the news of selling the printer at an affordable price, the 3d printer market was overwhelmed and thus the initial target of raising $1.64 was achieved in less than 54 minutes.

The technology is worth the attention of all the 3D printing enthusiasts around the globe. We hope that such a remarkable technology also touches the land of India soon.


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