Wimbo launches its Super Helper 3D printer at the Canton fair in China

14 3D printers, a scanner, wide variety of 3D printing materials, a huge model marketplace and a smart factory, the list of credentials of Wimbo Smart Tech Co. Ltd is long. This dynamic Chinese company is far from stopping. The company is all set to release its 15th 3D printer which is called the Super Helper printer.

The super helper 3D printer can perform multiple tasks like laser cutting, laser engraver, and it is the first multi-functional 3D printer from Wimbo. What is most fascinating is the printer’s portable design and affordable costs. Integration of 3D printers with services like laser cutting and CNC machining has become the trend in the 3D printing market. These machines are heavy and cumbersome and have a vast magnitude of features. The Super Helper is in contrast, light and portable. It’s open and slim design makes it apt to fit into any workplace.

The 3D printer is available in two sizes- small and big. The smaller version is available at $199 while the larger one is available at $249. This is a very competitive and effective pricing for a multi-functional device like the Super Helper. With the launch of the two sizes, the company will have a total of 16 printer releases to its list.

The Super Helper is available in a variety of colors like the white, brown, green, yellow, orange, blue, black, and more. It has an open build platform which enables the user to monitor the work progress. Since the printer is just launched we do not have the specifications yet. This printer is released at the Canton fair, a major import-export hub in China. The fair is divided into 3 phases, covering all kinds of goods and Wimbo, will be a part of all the phases.

Source: 3dprint.com

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