Wear Phone On Your Hand With 3D Designed Glove One

Brian Cera, a 3D enthusiast a professional artist, has come with the latest breakthrough in 3D printed products with the launch of Glove One. Glove One is actually a smartphone built inside a glove. The 3D design by Cera resonated the need of the future and how it can be met.

The latest design was propelled by the growing use of the smartphone. Cera thought of bringing revolution in the smartphone industry by providing a phone that can be worn on the hand. The designing of the Glove One was complete by Cera in nearly two months and has even published online on how the technology can benefit the masses. Although the design seems to be promising, Cera has also issued a warning regarding the safe usage of the final product. The creation of the Glove One calls for the use of certain tools and chemicals that can cause serious damage to one. It has been advised that Glove One should be used while wearing goggles and gloves. Ventilation is also believed to be necessary for the safe use of the 3D designed technology.

For the design of the Glove One, Cera dissembled a phone completely and solder the wires and components. For the smartphone savvy phone, Cera first used paper to model the project and then decided to use 3D-printing technology after getting inspiration from Mk. IV and Mk. V armor gloves from Iron Man 2. Cera believed that the use of 3D-printing technology would also simplify the process of integrating the circuit and components into the design.Cera used the technology of SolidWorks to develop the glove’s files. For the logo of the glove, Cera followed Apple’s logo design idea and hacked LEDs from the Burg Watch Phone circuit that lights up under power. Cera lives in Milwaukee and works at Cardinal Stritch University as Assistant Professor of Digital Media.

Source: 3dprint.com

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