Wedding Bells for the 3D Printing Industry

3D Printed couple figurines on wedding cakes

The wedding industry is rapidly transforming to a billion dollar industry. From planning a wedding to planning the honeymoon all seems to be an expensive affair. There are so many websites that claim to have the best wedding dress or the best wedding decorations catering to those who are ready to stretch the extra mile and make the special day even more special. All these factors make the dawn of 3D printing in this sector inevitable, to add the touch of customization, and make the day even more memorable.

To jump into this opportunity is a Swedish company named Your 3D Print Sweden AB which makes personalized 3D printed cake decorations for the wedding couples. The company takes in total nine photographs from the couple which are later converted into 3D models. Based on these models they can make miniatures which have a height of 4 inches, this can be used as cake toppers. The striking beauty of this entire thing is that since these miniatures have been made from the photographs of the couple, the miniatures are same as the couple themselves.

The printer that has been used by this company to produce these models is a Z corporation printer. The printer puts a layer of gypsum composite powder followed by water based glue which solidifies when it comes in contact with the powder as well as the layers of colors. This process is repeated until the entire model is made. These figurines are made of plastic and are colorful. The colors that are given to the models are taken directly from the photographs. After this an artist brushes the figurines to remove an excess material. Finally the model is packed and is ready to be delivered.

Anders Sjöberg, Co Founder of Your 3D Print Sweden AB and Digital Mechanics says, “The wedding industry is one of the largest consumer markets and we identifies this niche as having high potential for 3D printing.” The company first exhibited their products in the Swedish Wedding Exhibition in Stockholm in 28- 29th January, 2014.

Apart from these small companies the giants of the 3D Printing industry such as Shapeways has also plunged into this new industry with high expectations. Shapeways has decided to hold a contest titled “Love in 3D”. Interested people have to spread 3D printed wedding possibilities on Pinterest which will later go to social media outlet for couples who are planning their wedding. Winners of this contest will be given $1, 500 in Shapeways credit to purchase some 3D printed bling for their wedding.

Another website named Design Anything is an online service that allows their customers to order anything even wedding cake toppers and wedding bands. These items can be ordered as well as customized according to the requirement of the customer. The company prints in many different materials including full color, assorted plastics and colors even stainless steel, gold and silver.

Like most other sectors 3D printing has most definitely taken the wedding industry by storm and is rapidly working towards making the industry more customized.

Image Credit: Giselleai (flickrhandle:Giselleai)

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