One of the most hectic parts of traveling is not traveling but packing the luggage. It consumes a lot of time and it can basically never come to an end. After all this is done, imagine your luggage getting lost – nothing could be more frustrating. Even if a person goes on a trip to Hawaii, the trip becomes complicated rather than being a relaxing one. Now compare this with the scenario where you are traveling without any luggage! How does it feel? Just at a thought of it the Adreline rushes in my body. Imagine if you could email your entire luggage for the trip, such a hassle free method of traveling with no luggage, no baggage fees and the best part no lost baggage! This could all be true with the help of 3D printers!

This concept had been brought into reality by the Creative Director of 3D Systems, Janne Kyttanen. Kyttanen has come up with a 3D Printed Platform Bag and a series of 3D printable files that allow the user to send their luggage in an email and travel around the world without bothering about the luggage. The creative head has taken the challenge of creating an exhibition that features 3d printed luggage. This exhibition lies on the concept of sending 3D printed files of luggage in an email and on arriving on the destination the luggage is already awaiting for the owner. The exhibition is being put up in the Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam and the objects will be kept on display till April, 20. In addition to the “Lost Luggage” the exhibition also has 3D printed furniture, sportswear and selfies of Kyttanen.

The exhibition has been named as the “Lost Luggage” it contains a few basic items such as a handbag, a 4-in-1 Dress, Mashup Shoes, and a St. Tropez Cuff, Drivers, fat Shades, Superkitch and Love Buster. All these c an be printed in one operation. There are other items as well which are considered to be included in the list of 3D printable items but as of now the list consists of these limited products.

Kyttanen says, “If products and designs are distributed in the same way the images and music travel through the internet today, how would our perception of those objects change? Will democratization of manufacturing eliminates the need for mass production, bringing production closer and closer to the consumer, regardless of their location and economic status.”

It’s beyond our imagination as to how a 3D printer could create something that is comfortable to wear at this point. But from the look of the products it feels that the products could be something you could see in a holiday destination. On checking the ground reality all this seems to be true somewhere in the 2030 or 2060s. There aren’t many hotels that have the facility of 3D printers’ lets alone 3D printers that can print in a wide range of materials.

This venture can be looked upon as the first baby step towards conceiving what travel pack of printable objects might look like.

Image Credit: Strange Luke (flickrhandle: Strangelukephotography)