Wolfprint sets up 3D scanning booths for VR

Wolfprint, the 3D scanning startup is setting up 3D scanning booths to enable people to develop their virtual reality avatars. These egg-shaped scanning booths will be installed in malls all over the globe and function as photo booths.

The 3D scanning booth was set up in Estonia. People waited in queues to get themselves 3D scanned. The scanning is affordable and much cheaper than the other 3D scanning services which cost as much as $400. Timmu Toke, the CEO of Wolfprint said that these scanning booths will make 3D scanning cost effective and accessible. These portable scanners will allow people to get them scanned without going to the 3D scanning studios, that too, at much cheaper rates.

Wolfprint aims to be an active participant of virtual reality so that people can make their virtual avatars easily and quickly. The startup has installed 4 3D scanning pods. This could be a stepping stone to something phenomenal and huge. Mark Zuckerberg recently disclosed that he expects about 40% VR time on apps and social media, which makes 3D scanning a must. It allows users to interact with real looking versions of their friends. These virtual avatars have numerous other applications. They could be used for gaming apps and marketing. Wolfprint is currently in talks with movie studios to collaborate for some promotional work. Users will now be able to place themselves into games and play with their friends. They will interact with people in almost real forms without being physically present.

The startup is currently going through rounds of initial funding. Wolfprint is setting up its scanning booth and with an API, will be able to compile the3 D scans of users. The scans print is good but Wolfprint is constantly striving to improve even the existing quality of scans.

Source: 3ders.org

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