World’s First Fully 3D Printed Gun

PM522 Washbear .22LR revolver is the world’s first fully 3D printed revolver. Mechanical engineering student James Patrick is the man behind the brilliant and simple design of the fully functional 3D printed revolver that has been printed using a desktop 3D printer. Except for an elastic band spring, a metal firing pin, and steel rods as detectable metal, the gun is entirely 3D printed using ABS plastic. It took over 20 hours to fully 3D print the revolver.

His recently uploaded YouTube video shows the 3D-printed revolver, firing up to 8 bullets between reloads unlike Cody Wilson’s single fire Liberator gun


Patrick’s Washbear capable of multiple shots, allows swapping between 6 round cylinder and 8 round cylinder by removing the long pin at the front of the frame. To avoid the delamination and to increase the strength of the cylinder core, the cylinder assembly is surrounded by black bars which are bonded into single unit using high strength epoxy or acetone welding.

World’s First Fully 3D Printed Gun

World’s First Fully 3D Printed Gun

When the trigger is pulled, elastics bands attached to the trigger turns the loaded cylinder, pulling back the stirker. When the trigger is pulled back completely, the striker moves forward and hits the firing pin shooting a round. As a measure of safety, the cylinder moves off-center with the bullet cartridge when the trigger is not pulled, making it drop safe.

Patrick made the 3D printable files of Washbear available for free on his website that also covers the design and assembly of the gun.

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