Xianlin 3D Technology- A New Start Towards Biomedical 3D Printing

Xianlin 3D Tech is a 3D printing company that has witnessed immense growth in the Chinese 3D printing realm. The company started by printing consumer products like portrait printing to industrial production and to advanced biomedical 3D printing technologies. Xianlin 3D Tech is the true representation of Chinese 3D printing industry.

Regenovo Biotechnology C., Ltd is a subsidiary unit of Xianlin 3D tech which specializes in biomedical printing. It is involved in the research and development of 3d printing equipment, material, and technology of biomedicine. Tissue regeneration, drug research, and health care are some of the other streams it specializes in. It recently released the first 3D printed liver on a commercial level. It opened doors for advanced research in 3D printing of organs.

The unit is now engaged in the 3D printing of cells. As per the current biomedical experiments, if the cells of mice are cut into donut shapes and piled together, they grow back into an operational body in 72 hours. This experiment will form the basis of their 3d printing experiments for tissue and cell regrowth. Bioprinting is a vital stream in which constant experiments are ongoing. Though its complete success is still awaited, it still remains an important sector of 3D printing.

Regenovo was formed as a joint association with Xianlin 3D Technology and Dr. Xu mingen, from Hangzhou Dianzi University. Xianlin 3D Tech owns 50% of its total share. This August, Regenovo took over 51% shares of Medzone Biotech Co., Ltd. Medzone Biotech is involved in the research and development of biomedical equipment and materials.

Huang Xianqing, Secretary at Regenovo, says that although the future of organ printing is uncertain, the company could gain steady profit through skin printing, 3D printing of tissue repair, and bioprinting for medicine.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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