Flirtey and Dominos Partnered For A Better Delivery Services

Lately, the drones have been put into operations and it is quite exciting that they have been doing pretty well in serving. According to the latest buzz in the industry that with the help of 3d printed drone, the medical supplies have been successfully delivered to its destination. Furthermore, in Auckland, Dominos pizzas have also been delivered by the drones. Thus, Flirtey an Australian drone company and Dominos has agreed to a partnership.

It is extremely pleasant news for the Flirtey since they have been working on this project for quite a long time. They have been perfecting in the niche and several tests took place for the same cause. Getting associated with a brand like Dominos is a huge achievement for Flirtey. The pizza is said to be delivered during the demonstrations and it has been conducted under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101. It has also been in the news that experiments with commercial flights to customer homes will also be done in the coming time. This will be done at selected dominos stores. During this experiment, it has also been assimilated that the taste and the temperature of the pizza retained and nothing was spoiled at all.

No wonder that it is also happy news for Dominos since they have been desperate to bump into new delivery technology. Considering the deal of Dominos with Flirtey, the world shall see a lot of flying pizzas in coming time.

New Zealand has been the chosen company due to its flexibility in acceptability of the revolutionizing aviation industry. However, Flirtey is al; set to share their services in the continent of U.S. But New Zealand will be always known as the country where drone delivery service started. Let’s hope that Dominos in India also adapt the trend soon and we shall see flying pizzas here too.


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