‘Surface skins’ by Lehrmitt Design Studios adds Superior Finish to Product Surfaces

3D printing might leave rough and grainy surfaces as the end products. With 3D printing being recently used for even high-end and quality products, this texture problem could be a major drawback. Lehrmitt Design Studios in Austin has found a solution to this surface problem. Their product ’surface skins’ are providing a smooth and tactile finish to 3D printed objects. This feature could be particularly useful for manufacturers, designers, creatives, and people who have to produce goods with a perfectly finished look.
Lehrmitt Design Studios offers their product through their website. Surface skins are available in a large variety of textured surfaces.

They cater to almost all kinds of surface finishing. The customers can select their choice of surfaces and the studio develops a CAD file of the design and prints a prototype. Once the customers approve of the design and texture, they start working on developing them. Users also have options to design their own surfaces, which the Lehrmitt studios can develop simultaneously.

The Lehmritt design studio was established in 1996 in Austin, Texas.It has been significant in the field of creative designing and manufacturing. They are specialists in producing impeccable surfaces for wall coverings and consumer products. ‘Surface Skins’ is their latest innovation and it uses 3D printing techniques to produce textured surfaces on consumer goods, prototypes, and also provide interesting designs on chocolates. They have over 100 designs in store and constantly work to get better ideas.

Lehrmitt Design Studios president and owner, Bob Lehrmitt said that the embossedSurface Skins’ can be applied by product developers and designers in the creative and design realm as well as for consumer items. Surface Skins can transform the look and feel of the surface of sunglasses, light switch plates, cell phone cases, design prototypes and many more consumer items.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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