Grecia- A Toucan Gets New Life With 3D Printed Beak

It is quite saddening that some people don’t have enough humanity towards the animals. One must never forget that they are also a living thing and they feel pain when they are hurt. This is the coverage on an animal, Grecia who was brutally attacked by a group of boys. The beak of the bird was broken due to the beating.

No wonder that cruelty has increased in the world but so as
compassion. The story was posted on social media and people came up with a generous donation. This money helped Grecia to get a new 3d printed beak. Grecia lost his beak a year ago and after getting a new 3d printed beak, he can now sing again.

Soon after the operation was successfully done, the toucan was shifted to Rescate Animal ZooAve. It is a rescue organization and they rehabilitate injured animals and give them new life. Getting back to Grecia, many 3d companies stepped in to help the poor thing. The scanning was done by the technicians of Grupo SG and later the scan was handed over to Elementos 3D and Ewa Corp. The 3d model was created by these 2 companies.

It was really unfortunate that during the creation of the prosthetic model, the technicians faced a lot of difficulties. But later, a dead toucan was found and his beak was used in the creation of a replacement beak of Grecia. Now, due to the 3d print technology, Grecia is a healthy living toucan that eats and sings and do necessary things with his beak.


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