3D Printed Breathing Apparatus Created By Scuba Diver

There is no fun better than the fun that is rejoiced, inside the water. I am here talking about the scuba diving. You can’t find any adventurous activity better than this one. Scuba diving doesn’t only include buying a kit from the Walmart and diving into the water. It requires a lot of proper certification and training.

If you are a Scuba lover then you might know that you need an underwater breathing apparatus that keeps you alive. At first, the equipment from the dive school can be used but if you have fallen for Scuba Diving then it is high time you buy your personal apparatus.

Today, the news that we would like to share with you is about a diver who took help from 3d printing technology in the creation of his own second stage low-pressure regulator. It is a risk sport so we have to assume that the diver is confident enough on his engineering skills that he has created the regulator. The regulator is still in testing but it is said to have the potential to be used by the people.

There is no denying the fact that the designer of the regulator has put in a lot of hard work in the creation of this device, but he does not condone any sort of security. That is why the design is still in the process of testing. Another considerable aspect about the regulator is its material with which the regulator is printed.

For now, you can just consider it like the window shopping and not raise your hopes from the device. Once the object is through from all the necessary tests, you will be able to relish its advantages.

Source: 3dprint.com

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