3D Printing To Contribute in The World Of Guns and Firearms

3D Printing has always sourced controversies when it has been about the guns and the firearms. We cannot deny the fact that firearm is already a very complex subject to understand whereas, 3d printing opens up a whole new dimension of complexity to it. It makes us a little curious about the performance of a brass arrowhead with a 3d printed base when it is shot from a distance of 15 yards or 30 yards. Well, the Taofledermaus- Jeff and Tim have done the deed already. The video of the same has been uploaded on Youtube and it has been watched by more than 25000 people.

You might want to know that what was so different in this video. Well, for the people who are curious about the achievements of 3D industry, the sabot or the base that was created with the help of this technology made it touch the target more accurately. At the time of the experiment, few of these arrows were created but thanks to this video, the curiosity of having these among shooters has increased.

The base of the arrow is 3d printed so that the energy is evenly distributed across the back of the arrow flight. At the same time, the 3d printed sabot was created to fill the space inside the barrel of the gun. It also helps in increasing the accuracy of the arrow. The arrowhead g-shock brass is very strong. So, 3D printed parts help in providing full support. Therefore, it is necessary for the sabot to be 3d printed because if not, the force might break the shaft of the arrow.

For the target, a gel block reinforced wood was used. At the time of the first shot, it was kept at a distance of 15 yards and 1-ounce load target shotgun shell was used. At the time of the second shot, double power high brass round was used. It is very interesting that both the shots were delivered with great force and they almost penetrated the wood behind the back of the gel block.

The third shot happened at a distance of 30 yards. For this, round wooden children’s table was used. To your great surprise, the arrow performed perfectly at this distance as well. As soon as the arrow struck the table, it was broken into multiple pieces. As I mentioned earlier, a video for the same has been created that elaborate the whole thing. Because the table was colored in black, it was difficult to notice what the target actually was. You can only spot the flying pieces of wood in the air.

With this epic creation, we must say that the potential of 3d printing is increasing with the passing moments.

Source: 3dprint.com


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