Dtoor Creates 3D Printed Circular Smartphone

Lately, Cyrcle has been launched by Dtoor in the market. These terms might sound new to you so here is an elaborated description. Cyrcle is a 3D printed circular smartphone and it has been developed by a company called Dtoor. The purpose of this company is not just to market their perfectly featured product but also enlighten people on how they can 3d print, build and program their own smartphone.

This phone, due to its perfect circular looks was launched earlier this year. According to the founders of the company Dtoor, it was meant to be an exciting launch for the women but men have also shown a decent level of interest in it. It is a perfect, compact and flexible smartphone that allow DIY features to its users.

However, it was soon realized by the makers that this phone cannot replace the everyday smartphones in people’s life but these can be a great source of study for the people who would like to create their own 3D printed phones.

The courses were offered by the Kickstarter campaign that costs $199. These are held at different places such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, and Orland. The enrollees of this course can expect a 2 hours session with Dtoor in which the features of the phone and a complete process of its making will be shared. It is created using SEEED Studio’s RePhone Kit. In this kit, you can find all the components that will be used in the creation of the phone. The basic cell phone features can be added in the phone.

At the end of the course, along with the process of its making in your head, you will also have one of these phones in your hand.

Also, the STL files of the designs of these smartphones are also shared by Dtoor so that you can create as many such phones on your own as you like.

Source: 3ders.org

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