Yamaha Launched Its App That Will Help You Customize Your Own Motorcycle

One size fits all have been the agenda of automobile manufacturing industry. The boundaries have been pushed by 3D technology when it is about hyper-customization. But then again, this technology also tries to cope with the emerging trends of manufacturing.

Yamaha is a leading company that manufactures motorcycles as their prime product. Other than that, they have reached the pinnacle in manufacturing other goods including pianos, speakers, synths, etc. A very interesting app called My Garage has been released by this company. It allows you to customize your bike according to your likeability. It also lets you accessorize your motorcycle in high-resolution 3d graphics.

There is a huge difference between this app and other motor cross games that are released in the market. Yamaha app possesses much more features than any other app in the market.

The most wondrous part is that whatever customizations you have done on your app, these can be sent to the local Yamaha dealer. And when you wish to buy a bike, you can get your custom made Yamaha bike that fulfills all your requirements. We understand that it becomes nearly impossible to explain the changes that you need in your bike verbally. But with the help of this app, it has become exceptionally simple to make the makers understand exactly on what you need.

The company is working on creating a 3D printing button on the app. This way, a full sized 3d printed version of the bike can be easily created. It is going to get really exciting that now everyone will be able to create their dream bike with just an app.

We understand that this article does not cover 3d printing directly but it the app will be all about 3d printing once the technology gets a complete place in it.


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