Young Optics Launches MiiCraft 125, After the Success of Miicraft +

3D printing is being used in jewelry making and dental applications for many years now. 3d printing is used for making detailed models using light-cured resins. Digital light processing is being incorporated in 3D printing to 3D print objects at a faster pace.
They are faster than the FDM and SLA 3D printers and produced the finest details in the market.

Young Optics is a Taiwan-based company engaged in the processing of DLP printers under the name of MiiCraft. They also produced MiiCraft+, the world’s smallest 3D printer, last year. Now, they have totally flipped the coin and are producing the largest DLP 3D printer, The MiiCraft 125 series desktop printer.

The MiiCraft 125 is still small compared to the FDM 3D printers but has increased its capacity to 125 x 70 x 120 mm (4.9 x 2.7 x 4.7 inch). It can print as affine as 0.065 mm on the x and y-axis and layers as thin as the 0.005 mm. The larger version of MiiCraft 125 can design and print jewelry and dental sets in one sitting, that too without compromising on its quality.

The MiiCraft 125 is best suited to 3D print designs of jewelry, dental applications, dental sets that require microstructures. This printer was primarily designed to offer the user flexibility of changing controls and settings in the printing sessions. The resin curing time, the peeling step, and the layer curing step, can all be controlled from the user interface. For these printing sessions, a variety of materials is available. Materials like cast able burn away materials and materials optimized for particular processes and models are available. MiiCraft offers its own printing material for 3D printing processes.

A high-resolution chip that uses light projector rather than UV lasers for printing the layers, it is possible to cure the entire layer in one go, as opposed to SLA’s point to point printing.
This method enhances the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of printing finely detailed models.


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