Zeni Kinetic launches Origin 3D Printers

Almost every day we see a new 3D printer on the block with some modifications either on the price front or the technical specifications front. This sudden growth of 3D printers has taken place in the past 12 months. The 3D printing market has become very competitive and the competition is expected to become cut throat in another few years. If a person goes to the market to buy a 3D printer he has a wide range of 3D printers from which he can choose the one that fits his needs as well as his pocket. There are large printers, small printers, cheap printers, pricey printers name it and you have it.

The company that now is in the spot light for making a new 3D printer is Zeni Kinectic. It is the same company that gave away 3D printer filaments to schools and education focused nonprofit organizations. It is basically a 3D printer filament company which has recently launched a brand new line of three printers which have the right combination of price and volume. The names of the printers are Zeni Kinetic Origin Prime, Zeni Kinetic Origin Plus, and Zeni Kinetic Origin Ultimate. For the pricing point of view, the printers have been priced very reasonably. The Prime is priced at $699; the Plus is $899 and the Ultimate for $1,150. These printers are the best bid for people who wish to own a affordable 3D printer with a large volume. This feature makes these printers are better than the printers that are available in the market today. The company has opening the pre-orders for these 3D printers. All the pre-orders will be shipped within 3-5 weeks with 4 spools of filament, in any color, material, or diameter available. The specifications of these printers are mentioned below.

Origin Prime:

  • 300mm x 300mm x 250mm (12 x 12 x 10 inches) build area
  • Single extruder with your choice of .25mm, .35mm or .5mm nozzle with fan
  • Uses 1.75mm filament.
  • Prints with: PLA and any filament up to 230C that does not require a heated bed.
  • 75 micron layer height
  • Print speeds up to 150mm / sec.
  • Easy bed leveling
  • Bed Materials: Your choice of tempered glass or acrylic.
  • Internal aluminum frame
  • Fully enclosed mechanics
  • Easy access to internal components

Origin Plus – includes found on the Prime plus the following:

  • Dual extruders with your choice of .25mm .35mm or .5mm nozzles
  • Heated bed: Up to 120 C
  • Tempered Glass removeable build plate for easy print cooling and removal.
  • 2 Spool Bays
  • Prints with: PLA, ABS, HIPS, PVA and most other filament materials, up to 250C.

Origin Ultimate – includes everything on the Plus including the following:

  • Upgraded controller: NXP LPC 1768/9 32-bit Cortex-M3 MCU
  • LCD controller for standalone operation
  • SD Card slot
  • Network connection port
  • Print speeds up to 200 mm / sec.
  • Easy bed leveling with auto software calibration sensor.

Image Source: Zenikinetic.com

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