Onyx 3D printer – Large volume 3D printer from Singapore

3D printing has become the most in- thing in the world of technology. Everyone wants to be a part of this movement and contribute to it in their small ways. Be it America, Europe or the third world countries like Pakistan all have boarded on this journey of 3D printing. As per recent trends some of the most sophisticated and large build volume 3d printers have come from Asia.

The 3D printer that has become the talk of the town now is the Onyx 3D printer. A Singapore based company named 3dee Creations had recently held an official launch event for their new ‘prosumer’ desktop 3D printer, Onyx 3D printer. Although this is not the first printer coming from Singapore and most certainly will not be the last one. But as per the quality it seems that Onyx 3D is undoubtedly one of the best quality 3D printers to surface from this region.

The technical specifications of the printer are given below:

Print Properties

Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication

Build Volume: 200(L) x 200(W) x 200mm (H)

Min Feature Size: 100 MICRONS

Print Materials: PLA

Max Travel Speed: 250MM/S

Physical Features

Dimensions: 343(L) x 343(W) x 470mm (H)

Product Weight: 10.5KG

Shipping Weight: 15KG

Power Supply: 12V 20A 240W

Nozzle Size: 0.3MM / 0.4 MM


Construction: Aluminum Frame

Case: Black Glossy and Matt Arcylic

Stepper motor: 1.8° STEPA 1/16 MIRCOSTEP

XY Precision Positioning: 12.5 Microns

Z Precision Positioning: 2.5 Micron

The printer uses the Fused Deposition Modeling Technology and is capable of very thin layers i.e. 100 microns and has a speed of 250mm/s. It is accompanied by a large built volume and a controllable heater bed. In additional to all these features there is a seamless rod system which provides very high level of precision and the quality of the prints also excels. The added benefit is less noise as compared to the other FDM 3D printers that are currently circulating in the market. The LCD panel and the SD card expansion slot enables the user to control the printer during the printing process and also helps to print without having to use an USB cable. The Onyx is capable of printing in ABS, PLA and a wide variety of filaments like Nylon and wood composite. All this and much more can be acquired in $1,688 which is the priced that has been fixed for the Onyx 3D printer.

The Onyx 3D printer is a good addition to the range of desktop printers that are currently available in the market. It also fits in well with the other low cost machines that are made in Singapore. The prints that have been displayed on the site suggest a very fine level of detailing which is applaud able for a printer of this price range. The Onyx 3D printer has a lot of potential but nothing can be predicted until the consumer reviews are received. Till now the printer seems to be very promising.

The printer is available for pre –orders.

Imagecredit: 3deecreations.com




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