3D printer & 3D scanner combo offer

think3D has launched an exclusive combo offer to help our readers and 3D printing enthusiasts to dive into this amazing technology without burning a hole in the pocket. To unleash the true power of 3D printing technology, 3D scanner is a must. With 3D scanner, we can scan the objects and use 3D printer to print those scanned objects. 3D pen can be used to fill in the holes in the 3D printed object and also to come up with interesting 3D drawings. We also offer 2 kgs of filament to last for a good amount of time. With this combination of products, you can do wide range of activities and gain good expertise on this technology too.

Combo Offer

We are also launching explainer videos to showcase these products and provide various tips and tricks to maximize the utility of these products. Those will be present in the think3D youtube channel and also our freshdesk channel.

Terms and Conditions

(a) This offer can’t be clubbed with any other offer

(b) This offer can’t be converted to any other offer

(c) This can’t be converted to cash discount under any circumstances.

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