Dubai now claiming to be world’s 3D print capital

Dubai is taking aggressive steps in 3D printing technology. As part of a “comprehensive strategy to exploit 3D technology to serve humanity,” the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, has declared that by 2030, 25% of buildings in the city will take advantage of 3D printing technology. It is an outlandish proposal but the city is known for such outlandish proposals and for achieving those too over the last few decades.

Dubai’s status in the world is sure to be cemented by a deliberate plan to utilize 3D printing technology to its fullest potential. It would almost immediately solve the human rights nightmare that has long maligned Dubai’s identity. 3D printing will not just dramatically reduce the time, cost of materials, and environmental impact of construction, but also reduce dependence on migrant laborers.

Sheikh Mohammed said, “Through the 3D Printing Strategy, we aim to make Dubai a global hub for the development of this technology and a base for research and development in this area. We aim to provide the best opportunities for innovation and optimal application of this technology worldwide. Our goal is raise the level of services provided to the people and harness 3D printing for the benefit of the entire community.”

He further mentioned “The future will depend on 3D printing technologies in all aspects of our life, starting from houses we live in, the streets we use, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and the food we eat,”. Three major sectors were mentioned that will be given greatest focus by planners: Construction, Medical Products and Consumer Products.

25% of buildings to be 3D printed by 2030 is the most concrete plan ever listed on using 3D printing technology. This might mean the skylines around the world are going to be altered much sooner than ever imagined.

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