3D Printing makes it easy for Ezycook


Rapid Prototyping is one major application of 3D Printing. This technology can be used to quickly bring any design to life in the shortest possible time. EzyCook, a startup delivering fresh and ready-to-cook recipes opted for 3D printing to test the packaging material designs. After few iterations based on 3D prints, the final designs are sent for tooling & mass production

Business Model

The Business Model EzyCook develops fresh and ready-to-cook recipe packs to help all those people who do not have sufficient time to cook food in traditional methods. They aim at saving the time in food preparation. Ezycook’s recipe packs are designed to help you overcome the common pain-points and make thecooking experience of customers Easy, Convenient and Fun !

The Perfect Packaging

Shashank, the passionate founder of EzyCook, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering the perfect product to the market. For fresh food delivery companies, he knows that packaging is of quintessential importance. He took extra care and developed 2 different versions of 3D models for the container mold. To take the final call, he turned to 3D printing for getting the physical prototypes in his hand.

Solution & Execution

  • think3D team worked with Ezycook’s designer and worked on the thickness issues to develop a 3D printable file
  • Both the versions are printed in ABS plastic and given to the client for testing and feedback purposes.
  • Based on the feedback, the design was further edited and final versions were printed before sending the file to tooling.


With the help of 3D printed prototypes, Ezycook founder was able to

  • Do fitment, aesthetic and functional testing
  • Do A/B market acceptance testing
  • Do Design level changes before the final mold

Ezycook team was able to take an informed decision with the help of 3D printing and could do changes at the design level itself with the help of 3D printing. Think3d team facilitated the next process by helping in creating a mold for thermoforming for 100000 pieces.


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