3D Printing Program for Better Education System

3d printing has been a versatile technology over the past few years. It not only has set the gears in motion but it is a great help to promote STEM education system in generation Y. Incorporation of 3d printers have brought a new revolution in the classroom for students as well as teachers. Applications like CAD design and programming have been highly benefitted with the use of this technology. ICMAB, an institute in Spain has created an educational course specifically about 3d printing technology with a view to teach material science to the students.
Many school teachers have personally tested this course to make sure that this particular course will bring an innovative revolution in 3d printing technology and would be of great help in the classrooms. The course contains a kit that includes 3Doodler 3d printing pen, 3d printed cubic structure, diamond structure, honeycomb structure, 3d printed nano tube and 3d printed AFM image. This course is meant to be completed in 3 days.
Students are asked to create crystallographic structures with the help of 3Doodler. It is to make them understand the concept well and get in depth of the topic that is not possible working with 2d diagrams. Next, with the use of 3d printing pens, they can better understand the formation of nature because they themselves have to build various structures.
For the teachers, the kit contains a 3d printed Atomic force microscopy image that is captured in a high resolution using some scanning technology. Open source technology is used to create 3d AFM image and it is developed at Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona.
Well, no exact number has been specified about how many schools will be benefited from this technology but this 3d printing curriculum is sure to change the way of teaching. Also, it can be used in various ways for the education purpose.

Source: 3ders.org

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